Clearing and payments

Clearing and payments

  • The page allows clearing in Israel through interfacing with a dedicated terminal for your organization

  • The system supports the deployment of payments as well as donations by direct debit without a limit

  • There is full support for BIT, which includes the issuance of automatic receipts and reflection in the PEACH system
    Support for banking standing orders and transmission of monthly charges (MSB)

  • There is support for clearing abroad and you can define and connect a different clearing option for each country. For clearing abroad we offer 2 solutions:

  • Interfacing with a corresponding American association through STRIPE, which includes the automatic issuance of receipts and the reflection of all information through the PEACH system
  • Reference to an external clearing option during the clearing phase (partial reflection on the PEACH website)

  • The system issues automatic receipts as soon as the donation is made

  • At the end of clearing, the donor will receive a thank you SMS and will also receive the receipt by e-mail

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