Mailing systems

Mailing systems

  • SMS – a system for sending smart SMS for distribution

  • Newsletter – a system for sending smart emails for distribution with advanced anti-spam solutions

  • Sending smart whatsapp from the donating portfolio to customers via whatsapp web

  • Smart mailing campaign – the system allows issuing smart mailings that allow tracking of each SMS sent to know which 
  • SMS was opened / the donation process started / donated

  • A personal file for each donor containing all the information related to the donor – personal details, affiliation to groups, donations, donation attempts, contact reports, mailing summary. 
  • Through the personal file you can contact the contact person in a variety of ways (WhatsApp link, email, SMS). A contact can be associated with groups as well as with a certain agent so that it is possible to issue reports / perform actions on different groups. In the telephony area of the donor’s file, it is possible to comprehensively monitor the outgoing calls to donors.

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