from the mobile or the office

Manage everything in one place.


Smart donor portfolios that include advanced reports and unique AI tracking on each donor.

Payment pages

An advanced internal system for managing crowdfunding campaigns including full clearance.

Clearing and payment

Full interface to a dedicated terminal for your organization including automatic receipts and administrative reports.

Mailing systems

An internal newsletter system that includes SMS mailing and smart emails in audience-focused distribution.


An innovative and unique system that allows making calls without the need to connect a line.


Independent establishment and construction of crowdfunding campaigns with no limit at 0% recruitment fee.

Cloud Based

The system is cloud-based and allows access to data from anywhere and at any given moment with multi-tenant capabilities.

AI algorithm

Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to segment the accumulated information on donors.

Task management

An advanced system for managing the organization's tasks and associating different users within the system.


Building internal automations and contributing portfolios in an easy and simple way in an innovative and convenient system.

App (coming soon)

Manage the organization from anywhere. A unique application that allows full control and control from the mobile.

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